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The Wicked-Stacey Kennedy

Posted on November 29, 2010 at 11:01 AM

The Wicked-Stacey Kennedy

The Magical Sword- Book #2

August 23rd 2010

Liquid Silver Books

Fantasy Romance



Nexi Jones knows two things—being half Guardian is tough—being half Witch is simply problematic. With her Guardian duties put on hold, she begins the gruelling task of discovering her magical abilities, which tend to be unpredictable, at the best of times. At least, she has her luscious Guardian, Kyden to keep her grounded. That is, until the military-built, Ryker returns with a keen interest in being a constant thorn in her backside. With enough trouble controlling her powers—the added rivalry between the two tough Guardians leaves Nexi in urgent demand of a fire extinguisher. But when tragedy strikes the very core of the Otherworld, Nexi needs to shape up as she lands herself knee deep into vampire society—a world run by vampire Mistresses who offer their assistance in unearthing a deadly plot of revenge. But as the truth begins to unravel, Nexi begins to discover that the Otherworld isn’t the only place where Supernaturals exist—and there is something far darker than thirsty vampires lurking within the shadows…(Amazon)



The Wicked is the fantastic second book in what is clearly the best fantasy series of 2010, the characters, plot and World that set this series apart from the many others in its genre.

In the first book many great main and supporting characters are introduced to the readers, who will be pleased to see them and their stories continue in The Wicked. The characters are a large part of why The Magical Sword series stand out from the fantasy romance genre. It is quite unique to find supporting characters that the readers like as much as they like the lead character. It is also good that most of the supporting characters are strong characters in their own right and are far from helpless. It can be quite annoying when authors make the supporting characters need to completely rely on the lead character to get them out of bad situations, in this series most of the characters are either Nexi’s equal or close to it.

The plot of The Wicked is just as interesting and addictive as the plot of The Willow is. It was also very original and completely different from the first book in the series. It is excellent to find out how strong Nexi really is and to see more of the Otherworld. The Otherworld is the very interesting setting for this series, and the intriguing place is definitely one of the components of the book that make it quite so addictive.

The Wicked is definitely just as good as the wonderful first book in the Magical Sword series, and the moment readers finish The Wicked they will definitely want to see what happens next in this saga and be glad that the Nexi’s story isn't finished quite yet.


Reviewed by~Danielle

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