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An Everlasting Bite-Stacey Kennedy

Posted on December 11, 2010 at 8:20 AM

An Everlasting Bite-Stacey Kennedy

The Blue Bloods Series-Book #1

November 15th 2010

Liquid Silver Books

Paranormal Romance



A vicious werewolf attack in Plymouth, Minnesota leaves a young woman violated, bitten and now, transformed into werewolf. But Rynn Murphy doesn’t have to face this transformation alone—she has her mate by her side. And the charming Briggs—Beta to the Patriarch, Valor—is eager to ease her into this new life and mend her battered soul.

With only weeks to adjust to her new fur, Rynn, follows Briggs while he assists in locating the daughter of the Montana’s Alpha, who was abducted from her home. But this journey is not without danger. And soon, they discover the ones who have taken this young wolf do not want her found and will stop at nothing to keep her hidden. Or so it may seem, as bodies begin to drop around them, the murderous attempts start to appear more as a hit than a smoke screen—leaving only one question, who is the intended target…( Amazon)



An Everlasting Bite is a fantastic paranormal romance and the start of yet another great series by Stacey Kennedy. An Everlasting Bite is extremely addictive because of its intriguing characters and great plot.

The main characters in An Everlasting Bite are both very interesting and likable, but it wouldn't have been so great if there hadn't been so many great minor characters, who will hopefully remain a part of the series in future books in The Blue Bloods Series. However, despite there being many intriguing characters, the most interesting character would definitely be Rynn, as she is a surprising mix of strong and vulnerable. Readers will find themselves by the end of An Everlasting Bite looking forward to seeing more Rynn in the rest of The Blue Bloods Series, as it is very easy to become fond of her character.

The plot of An Everlasting Bite is not only extremely well developed, but also incredibly addictive; once readers start it they wouldn't be able to stop reading it. The plot is also very original and has quite a few surprise plot twists, which are impossible to see coming.

Despite that it is better to read the Magical Sword Series first, as the characters in An Everlasting Bite were first introduced in there, it isn't necessary to read it and paranormal romance fans that haven't read it would still find An Everlasting Bite a highly enjoyable book.


Reviewed by~Danielle

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